Brake Pads

Which brake pads should I use?

It’s probably one of the first questions asked by a new track driver. I recently polled the drivers in the Facebook Mazda MX5 Junkies group to see what the people that do this a lot recommend. Remember that brake pads are a very “personal” item. What one person loves, another will hate. It’s best to try different pads to determine what works the best for you.

— Brand New Driver

For a brand new driver, the OEM pads will work the first time or two. You may experience some brake fade but it’s not bad to learn what that feels like. EBC Yellows are recommended by some. In my personal experience, they are fine for a new driver and they work on the street. But once you progress beyond a brand new driver into any speed, you’ll find they can’t handle the heat. I went through a brand new set in a few hours on track once I get beyond the novice stage.

— Daily Driver and Track Use

The most commonly recommended pad for both track and daily driver use is the Ferodo DS2500.

— Track Only

Track only pads are not designed for everyday use on the street. That said, I drive 60 miles round trip to the track on my track only pads without any issues. I wouldn’t recommend them for a daily driver but for occasional use, they are fine.


My favorite pads are the Raybestos ST-43 pads. The ST-45 and ST-42s are also good choices. I’m currently running the ST-43 both front and rear.

I don’t find they dust anymore than other pads I’ve used but others say they dust a lot.


  • They don’t require bedding. They are an abrasion pad and don’t require a transfer layer to work. I put them on and hit the track. You have to be a little cautious for several laps while they work in but in about 15 minutes or so, you can go full out.
  • Easy on the rotors
  • Last a long, long time
  • As race pads go, they are inexpensive
  • Handle the heat
  • Dust isn’t corrosive
  • Serious torque, these pads bite!


  • Out of stock more often than other pads. Maybe because they are so popular. When they are out of stock, my next pad choice is the PFC01 or PFC11. Not quite as much initial bite as the ST-43s but I like them.
  • Modulation can be an issue. When I first used them I found they didn’t allow for the modulation I liked. They got into the ABS too easily. The addition of the SakeBomb Variable Brake Boost Controller fixed that issue.



I’ve never used them but they come highly recommended by many. They suggest the R12 front and rear when using a 17×9. R8 or R10 for a 17×7.


  • Easy to modulate
  • Low dust and it isn’t corrosive
  • Good life
  • Handle the heat
  • Use the G-LOC GS-1 for street use. You won’t need to re-bed them.


  • Need proper bedding



Again, never used them. Pageid is the brand used on the Mazda MX-5 Cup cars. Two combinations are recommended. Pagid RSL1 in the front and RSL29 rear. The other combination is RST3 on the front and RS44 on the rear. The latter is the combo the GMX5 Cup cars use. Sorry, I don’t have enough information for pros and cons. If you know, let me know.


  • Need proper bedding

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