Water Temp on the Center Screen

One of the questions I get asked most often by other MX5 enthusiasts is “How did you put the water temperature on the center screen?” This is how.


I used the MZD All-In-One (AIO) Tweaks Installer. This tool allows you to modify how the infotainment center works and what is displayed on it. ND1s are pretty easy to update, ND2s are harder. It is easy to update systems with firmware V55, V56, V58, and V59. Newer NDs with versions above that require a bit more effort. Read the FAQ page on the AIO Tweaks page to get all the details.

Speedometer App

Once I had the AIO Tweaks setup, I installed its Speedometer App with a tweak. Instead of showing speed, I changed it in the apps screen options to show water temperatures.

That’s it. For a computer geek like me it was pretty easy.

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