Eliminate Full-Lock Tire Rub

When adding wider wheels and tires to our cars, one problem we run into is tire rub. It rubs on the lower A-Arm at full lock and maybe the anti-sway bar. It only happens in parking lot situations but it can be embarrassing. Everybody within earshot turns to see what the heck is wrong with your car. There is an easy fix this kind of tire rub.

A steering rack limiter clip is a nylon C-clip that snaps onto the steering rack. It limits the steering radius thus fixing the problem of the full lock rub.

Here you can see the clip on the steering rack. To install you simply remove the pinch clamp on the dust boot. Pull the dust boot back and snap on the C-clip. Refix the dust boot with another clamp or just use a heavy-duty zip tie. Problem solved.

Search for 1979-2004 Mustang Steering Rack Limiter and you can pick up the C-clips cheap.

Here is a video of the install.

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