Eagles Canyon Raceway IPD

Drive your MX5 ND on Track
My name is Kent and I’ll be your instructor at the upcoming ECR Introduction to Performance Driving. Here are some notes that will help us both to have a very fun and safe experience.
No need to pack water, they’ll have plenty of free bottled water on hand.


  1. Be sure your car is ready for the track day. Here is an article I wrote that might help. We don’t want your day to be cut short because you run out of brake pads or for some other mechanical reason.
  2. The night before, remove everything from the cabin and trunk that isn’t affixed to the car. This will often include the driver-side floor mat.
  3. Remove the valve caps from your tires the night before. You’ll be checking pressures after each session and those get in the way. Bring an air pressure gauge.
  4. If you have your normal street tires on the car, set each to the PSI shown on your driver’s door jam minus a couple pounds.
  5. Put the schedule on your phone for easy access or a printout.
  6. Numbers on the car aren’t required.
  7. The track is kept clean so you don’t need to worry about the front of the car. My car looks mostly pristine with thousands of laps out there.
  8. Study the track maps. Learning the 15 turns is one of the hardest things. If you study a bit beforehand, we’ll be able to get to the actual performance driving process a bit faster.
  9. Watch this video. A lot. It will show you the line which you’ll drive whether you are going slow or fast. You’ll also learn the track. Depending on the car you are driving we’ll tweak the line but this will give you a head start.
  10. Forget about everything you’ve learned driving on the street. Those habits are horrible for the track.
  11. Wear jeans and a t-shirt. No shorts please. Others may but not you. Also tie-up shoes. Yes, I’ve had people show up with slip-ons.


  1. Have fun!
  2. Arrive 15-20 minutes before the driver’s meeting. There are several paddock lots. Unpack, clean your windshield if it got bugs on it during the drive in. Put your toolbox (if you bring one) in the very front of the car to mark your spot but in a place someone won’t accidentally run over it. I’ve seen tool boxes get crushed. Your air pressure tool inside, on top, as you’ll access it every time coming off track.
  3. Sign-in at the clubhouse. You’ll get a wristband (left wrist) and (probably) a sticker to go on the car. Put it in the top center of the windshield.
  4. Don’t be late to the driver’s meeting.
  5. You’ll have a classroom before each of your track sessions. Don’t forget. It’s easy to get to talking to others, me included, and miss part of the class.
  6. After each session, get out of the car, remove your helmet, and immediately check your tire pressures. We’ll talk about where they should be.
  7. Drink some water after every session. They’ll supply chilled bottled water.


  1. Use your cruise control! It is very easy to speed after a day at the track and the police are looking for us.
  2. Check tire pressures the morning after when cold. Knowing where you started and ended with cold tires will give you a good idea of where to start or how much air to let out of your tires at your next event.
See you Saturday. I’ll be in a wide-brimmed camouflage hat with a bright yellow ECR shirt.