Quickjack BL-5000SLX


Years ago I bought a QuickJack BL-5000SLX and it has been one of my favorite and most used tools in my garage. For the longest time, I used a portable hydraulic jack and jack stands. The hydraulic jack had to be long so I can get it all the way under the front and back and still reach the cross members. It was always a pain in the ass to get it positioned just right at the appropriate places. First the front. Position the jack while practically laying on the floor to make sure it is properly placed, jack up the front, place the stands, lower onto the stands, move to the back. Position it while crouching to see where it needs to go, lift, place the stands, lower onto the stands.

Finally, the car is ready to work on. Then when done, I reversed the process. I hated it. I hesitated to get the QuickJack because I’m a cheap-ass. Finally got one on sale.

Holy crap! Why did I wait so long?

These things are fantastic! They are big and heavy which is the downside. Each is 78 pounds, 70 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. There are two little wheels on one end that make them easier to move about. I have a 2-car garage and store one flat, under each car. The one under my CX-5 has a piece of cardboard on top to protect it from water.

My QuickJack Lifting Process

When I need to lift my MX5, which I do about once a week, I back both cars out of my garage. Then I drive the MX5 into the center between the two QuickJacks. I have the blocks already on one of the QJs as it is stored under my CX-5 which has plenty of clearance. I slide that one into place from the driver’s side. Having done it so many times, I know by sight where it needs to be. I double-check the blocks are positioned correctly by lifting each block making sure it is centered under the pinch weld.

I go around to the passenger side and place the blocks on that QJ. I can’t store them on this one because it is under my MX5 and it’s too low to clear the QuickJack with a tall block on it. The same thing as the other side, slide it under and double-check the blocks. It takes me maybe 5 minutes total to position both jacks. I then plug the two lines into the electric pump and lift. Total time is 10 minutes at most to lift my car and it is stress-free.

The QuickJack has two positions that lock it into place. With the highest one, I get 21 inches of space under the car. If I’m just swapping wheels/tires, I use the lower setting so I don’t have to lift as high.

I did customize the blocks the jack comes with so I could use them on the pinch welds. I cut a slot into each block. They work perfectly this way.

I wouldn’t ever go back to jack stands

The QuickJack is just to easy. I used it when I pulled my differential and transmission. I was able to drop the transmission onto a lowrise transmission stand and roll it out from under the car. The QuickJack made my life so much easier. I highly recommend it.

I got mine from Costco which seems to have the best price consistently. They often reduce the price $200 or so during the Christmas holidays. Don’t tell them but I “joined” Costco and then got a refund for my membership since I don’t use them. Join, then order your QuickJack. Wait until you receive it and are happy with it. Then write to Costco and ask for a refund on your membership. Worked like a charm.

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